Donation Central… Bernice inspires the masses (maybe not that many, but some of you)!

 Since launching Hey Bernice! in December I have had a steady flow of donations from family (Thank you!). The picture here is a sample of the beautiful asian inspired paper my sister gave me at Christmas time. They are small squares of gorgeous patterns (my generous god mother Norma kindly gave my sister and me kimonos made from similar patterns when we were young). I have plans to get crafty with them tomorrow, and will be sure to write a post about the outcome (I’m still mixing and matching options in my head for this exploit).

In addition to the small patterned paper, she also gave me some wonderfully BOLD rolls of paper – check these out, they’re great.

Mum also turned up at my place yesterday with a roll of beautiful wallpaper she had kept since renovating our first family home in Hawthorn in the 1970’s (clearly that is where I get the hoarding gene from, that’s a 40 year wait and 4 house moves to find another use for that roll – round of applause for Mum please!). It is just magical – the pearly background, butterflies, birds, and multiple shades of green foliage. The possibilities await…..

I am also thrilled that I have already achieved the purpose of my blog, I have inspired people to be crafty or to identify things around the house that could be used for craftiness. A friend told me the other day they were waiting on an auction outcome for some vintage wallpaper on ebay, to do some collaging themsleves – that made my day!

Another relative informed me they were fishing out some of their digital landscape images to play around with, and someone else asked what they could do with all the ticket stubs from every event they had ever been to! Bernice is starting to bring out the craftiness that lies within everyone – so don’t be shy, it’s there in us all.

Until next time,


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