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Focus on creating more moments in your life for exploring…new recipes, colour palettes, artistic pursuits, indoor plants.

Bernice’s (well, mum’s really) famous prawn pate

One of my family’s traditions is my Mum’s famous prawn pate. Everyone goes into a feeding frenzy when she serves this up – it would be considered a crime in our household for Christmas and New Year to pass by without a fix. This recipe could also be handy to use-up any left over prawns…

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An Australian Christmas menu…

We recently hosted 17 adults and 9 babies for a Christmas lunch, the perfect way to road-test a new house (especially the kitchen!). The secret to it running smoothly… good preparation (and a kitchen with plenty of bench space and a big oven!). Here’s the menu …

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Banana Bran Muffins – both healthy and tasty…

Don’t you just love a good muffin (especially warm, straight from the oven)? Have you noticed that the definition of a muffin has changed somewhat? Firstly, most of the muffins you can buy in a café are HUGE! A meal for 2 people. Secondly they are no longer healthy. They’re cake mixture in disguise within…

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Robin Red Breast (seed pod) Mobile

I was at mum’s the other day, and on the book shelf were these little, coloured birds placed in an ornamental tree – on closer inspection I realised that these little birds were made from seed pods! Bernice then took over, and began demanding answers – who made those birds? Where did the seed pods…

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San choy bow (chicken or pork)

My husband and I often cook up san choy bow – it’s a really simple recipe and a healthy meal. We try and make it even healthier by adding a few extra vegetables to the recipe. This is a great meal for those kids that don’t like vegies ’cause it all gets mixed in with…

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Korean beef burgers… simply amazing!

A few months ago I was trying to explain to my sister how good these burgers are, at the time I didn’t get the kind of focus and acknowledgement I was after. Months down the track she finally got to try them at Mum and Dad’s (Saturday night just gone) and kindly told me on…

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A birch tree bunting for the new baby

This birch tree trunk has accompanied us on two house moves…destined to be put to good use ‘one-day’… That day has now finally arrived. And my husband is thrilled. It was clogging up his garage, apparently. I have used it as the centre-piece to our new daughter’s nursery (due to arrive in 8 days time).

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