Recycled furniture (part II) – storage solutions

It is safe to say that almost everyone suffers from storage issues – we never have enough space for our things (whether they are worthy of hording storing or not!).

Already I’ve shared my love for using recycled items in my home in a recent post; I did however overlook the variety of recycled storage solutions I have collected over the years. I found these items in the most unlikely places, and thought it time I shared them with you:

  • 2  wooden boxes, stumbled across whilst buying wine.
  • A metal trunk, found whilst buying a peacock feather (not a common purchase of mine!)
  • 2 chest of drawers, uncovered during a fossick in Mum and Dad’s garage.

Starting with my favourite find – these gorgeous French wine boxes were stacked up outside a bottleshop. They were selling them for $10 each – I had to have two! Whilst they are not perfectly constructed, sanded and painted… they have character, a story and serve their purpose perfectly – to store our DVD collection!

If you want to get your hands on some yourself make a visit to a bottle shop that is likely to sell French wine… and if you ask really nicely, you might even get them for zip!

My next find was this old metal trunk. I had looked for something to store our firewood for some time, and stumbled across this in an antique/junk shop. I was lured into this shop by a vase of peacock feathers spotted by my niece. Whilst she was choosing her feather, I spied this metal trunk (it’s perfect for storing firewood because it locks the spiders in!).

The next two (more traditional) storage items required a little bit of work to get to their current presentation state … they were covered in dust at the back of Mum and Dad’s garage. One required work stripping the paint off (another exhausting 4-layer stripping job), whilst the other required painting (it was a very average stained pine finish). After completing the work I ended up with two great chest of drawers, with very different looks.

I did hunt around to change the handles on the drawers I stripped, I found these black metal handles in a shop in Swan Street, Richmond.

As you can see I have ‘found’ myself multiple storage solutions without entering a furniture store, and had some exhausting days stripping and painting fun along the way.


4 responses to “Recycled furniture (part II) – storage solutions”

  1. Wow, these are cool finds! I especially heart that old trunk. So much character!

    Thanks for dropping by my little blog 🙂

    1. The challenging things about finds like this – they are never planned, and never happen on demand! Months of silent scanning (but I LOVE it!)

  2. Love the wine crates and your unique projects in general. Your enthusiasm is contagious! You may not realize how valuable and rare that Chateau Latour First Growth crate is. That’s definitely a keeper and collector’s item.

    1. Wow – I had no idea. I love the way the internet can allow for the sharing of this expert knowledge. Thanks for your kind words, it keeps me energised to keep doing all the ‘things’ I do.

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