I love an old bike… located in a cafe with a quirky style

During our recent holiday we went exploring (a day trip planned by my sister).

She was recommended a hidden gem called Cafe Espace. It is off the coast of Gippsland in Eastern Victoria, describes as ‘waterfront dining situated on Raymond Island with stunning views overlooking Mcmillan Strait to the Paynesville township’. So, five of us set off in the car, taking the ferry across (in the car) about  100m to arrive on Raymond Island. Map of Location

The word island has a habit of conjuring up a mental image of blue skies and sunshine, white sand, palm trees, crystal clear water lapping at the shoreline – there was none of that.

But Raymomd island was unique in its own way.

What we were there for was the recommended dining experience. The service was brilliant (father and daughter team). The outdoor dining deck overlooking the water and boats was really lovely – and the food was terrific, and very generous servings.

What I also loved were the little features around the garden, and cafe that gave it character.

The old bike caught my eye as we were walking towards the cafe entrance, casually parked outside in the rack. The contrast of the vibrant fake flowers against the rusted frame, and weathered cane baskets is really appealing (and very French).

The other feature was the gorgeous Turkish inspired water feature that did a great job at brightening up the courtyard.

I really enjoyed the little effort that went into providing something of interest in every area of the cafe. On the entrance deck was this casual chair, accompanied by two metal painted frog/stools.

On the way back to the carpark our attention was caught by this teak window-look mirror – I had never seen one of these before.

Whilst there was nothing elaborate or ‘over the top’ about the decore at Cafe Espace, it made you feel relaxed, like you were in someone’s home – which was the perfect match to the service and food.

Cafe Espace was a great find, and a place we never would have ‘stumbled’ across – the 100m ferry ride stood between us and a random find. Whilst Raymond Island wouldn’t be on the top of my Honeymoon destination list, we were only there to eat and drink – and for that it was perfect!

All in all a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon eating, drinking and laughing with great company.


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