A first class renovation: Interior design showcase

A house in our street is up for sale by auction next weekend, and as a nosey supportive neighbour I naturally tip-toed next door to have a look inside (twice!).

Why twice? Because there was so much to take in –  the interior design particulars, and smart renovation techniques needed more than one visit to absorb. I was particularly interested because the house was exactly the same layout as our house (originally).

Some of the key features to look out for:

  • Use of natural light via internal courtyards
  • Beautiful bathroom (I can picture myself in that bath, oils burning, music playing…)
  • Creative interior design features
  • Neutral colour scheme complimented by the chosen decor.

I really don’t need to say anymore… take a look for yourself below.  Or, if you live in Melbourne and want to have a sneak peek in person, you can find the details here. Or for a video tour of this home click here.

Master Bedroom (Front left hand side of house), with walk in wardrobe to the right.

Second Bedroom (Front right hand side of house)

Third bedroom/Study

Lounge Room

Lounge Room looking through to kitchen/internal courtyard

Bathroom (with shower and toilet, as well as another separate toilet)


Kitchen & Dining

Second Living/sitting area (and European laundry)

Back garden

As you can see for yourself it is a top quality renovation. The interior decoration is meticulous (not everyone’s style), but a lot of thought has gone into it. There are many details to observe, hence my second inspection!

Chirnside Street is keenly interested to see who number 55 will attract as its new owners this weekend.


PS. A warm welcome to Treen & Nic, and Michelle & Andrew who both bought a hop, skip and jump away from us in the last week. We are setting up quite the little community over here in the West.

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