A new look for an old lampshade

I don’t know about you, but it is really hard to find a good lampshade these days. It was time I took things into my own hands and created what I was looking for.

I had received a hand-me-down lampshade from my grandmother (via mum). It had a rather grand marble base that could also second as a lethal weapon, which had a chip out of the bottom corner (which begs the question… once upon a time, ‘did Gran test this out as a weapon’). I could handle the chip in the base (whilst intrigued as to how it got there!)… I simply turned the base so the chip faces the back wall – problem solved. What I particularly liked about it was the oval shaped lampshade. What I didn’t like about it was the cream lampshade looked washed-out with the white marble base.

After first asking permission from mum to recover it, I then embarked on finding some vintage wallpaper to transform it. I didn’t have to look very far because I had a lot of wallpaper left over from my vintage wallpaper collages.

I also had a collection of papers my sister had given me that could also be contenders.

 Whilst they were wonderfully bold, and would have looked great, they didn’t matched my current home decor (The gold with black flowers would have been my first pick).

So I opted for wallpaper remnants from a transformation I have not yet written about. I stuck the wallpaper to the shade with craft glue (time will tell if this will hold), and the result can be seen below (lamp on and off).

Now next challenge is to try and lure the story out of Gran to explain the mystery of the chipped marble base (Colonel Mustard in the library with the marble lamp base springs to mind!)


One response to “A new look for an old lampshade”

  1. twirlingbetty Avatar

    Looks great Bernice. Another lovely project.
    I nominated you for a Circle of Friends award on twirling betty:



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