Circle of Friends Award

This post is dedicated to my long-time school friend Chris (AKA Twirling Betty She has been twirling away on her blog for many more months than I have… and  was in fact the reason I started Hey Bernice! five months ago. Over coffee one day (whilst discussing her new blog) she said to me ‘you should start a blog‘ which was all that was required to get me started.

I had a few mental hurdles to overcome before I took the plunge into the blogsphere….

  • I didn’t know what  to write about (I have never been short of a word, so not sure why I thought I would be short of something to write!)
  • If I started a blog, what was I going to call it (not a good enough reason not to do it)
  • I didn’t think I was a writer (I soon worked out that if I talked in my head, then typed it down I could overcome that hurdle)
  • Not only was I not a writer, how could I be sure anyone would want to read what I wrote (I also realised it didn’t matter, as long as I was still enjoying it)

There was another significant problem…I didn’t have the time. I was working full time and completing the final subject of my Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

One month after completing my Masters I had published my first post on Hey Bernice!

Just this week Twirling Betty has nominated me for the Circle of Friends Award. Twirling Betty is not only blissfully entertaining (via blog posts and in person), her blog posts transport you with her talented writing. But her talents don’t stop there – she makes things. Gorgeous things. Hair clips, brooches, children’s sun visors (see below for the latest season colours) and heaps of other unique accessories. You really should check them out, and Twirling Betty will happily sell to what you realise you have fallen in love with.



I wasn’t aware of the cirlce of friends award, so it was a lovely surprise to receive it. To participate you have to list 5 things you love and then link to 5 others you would like to nominate for the award. So here goes:

1. A open fire

I am sitting in front of one now. Last January when we had a rare below 20C day – I had a fire that night- It was such a treat not to have to wait another 5 months to enjoy that smell, crackle, warmth and glow…..


2. Bacon

Quite simply the best thing ever. The crispier the better. I can’t eat it if it is not crispy enough (I guess that makes me a really fussy bacon eater!). I can’t get enough (only when crispy!).

3. The beach

You can imagine how happy I am that we are going to be living less than 1km from one (once we have built our new home). Below is a picture of our beach that I will endeavour to walk along every day – rain, hail or shine.

4. Dogs

I adore their attitude, it’s infectious, and their love endless. I can’t live without a dog in my life . The (canine) love of my life Jack is below.

5. Gardens and flowers (especially in full bloom!)

I love gardens, flowers, fresh spring leaves, blossoming trees, huge vases full of flowers. Our wedding was in a beautiful garden shaded by a peppercorn tree. This time of year, as the trees lose their leaves and the plants go into hibernation is my least favourite. My love for gardens is definitely hereditary, mum and her mother and great aunt have the gardening talent, and my sister has just commenced a garden design course. My Great Aunt Ivy would strategically place half a dozen beach umbrellas in the garden on hot days to protect her plants from the harsh sun – periodically changing the angle on each umbrella as the sun changed it’s position in the sky. She was also known for trimming the blades of grass on the lawn with nail scissors!

My favourite flowers are white tulips.

Now for passing on the award to those who have inspired me in one way or another:

1. Design Sponge – I love this New York based website dedicated to home and product design, and was so excited when they featured my chairs recently – thank you!

2. Tim (my amazing husband) – he too has a blog which focusses on his love for progressive music as a result we often find ourselves negotiating over computer time. I love the way Tim throws himself into everything. He has a boundless knowledge about so many things – It drives me to really immerse myself into Hey Bernice, and push beyond the surface and see what lurks behind. He is quite a talented online DJ, with several interenet radio show ‘slots’ resulting in numerous online followers … worldwide. If you want to have a listen to the music he mixes you can download his sets from the blog.

3. Cloth Fabric – I first read an article about Julie paterson in Vogue Living May/June last year featuring her latest collection ‘Found and made again’ created from over printing on old coffee bags. She is a Sydney based designer, with a store in Surrey Hills. She produces fabric, products, wallpaper, rugs from natural fibres eg. hemp, linen and organic cotton. Her designs and philosophy sparked something that steered me along the road to starting Hey Bernice!

4. Dad (Chris Lang) – I think he was the first real estate agent in Australia to have a website (back in the mid nineties). He currently has several blogs and websites, and knows more about the internet than I do (at 63!). He is on Twitter, has an iPhone, uses Skype, and knows HTML. He is the reason I work in the digital industry, and keeps me up to date with all the latest trends. You can check out his blog here. Or his Investor Lab here. I remember one day when I was visiting he said “you should get onto WordPress, I use it… it’s great” I had no idea what he was talking about – it now happens to be the mechanism by which I publish Hey Bernice! online.

5. Saffron Craig What beautiful Material she prints. Never before have I felt so much excitement than when I browse through all the gorgeous materials within her online store. Such an eye for beauty, resulting in unique designs and colours. I have so many things lined up for Bernice to make with these threads.

That’s more than enough insight into the inner workings of Bernice. I should get back to enjoying my open fire, and finishing off my wooden hippo for the next post!


2 responses to “Circle of Friends Award”

  1. twirlingbetty Avatar

    Awwww, Bin. Or should I say Bern. Thanks for saying all those lovely things about tb and me.
    Loved reading all the things you love and look forward to hearing some of Tim’s sick sets!

    1. My pleasure. Strap yourself in for tim’s sets – they are not bedtime music! xx

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