The Sands – modern coastal architecture

My husband and I have just bought land within a housing estate in Torquay. I never thought I would live in a housing estate. There being several reasons behind that thought:

– Most estates were not situated anywhere near the coast (taking me further from my dream of living near a beach);

– I couldn’t buy a vacant block of land then wait several years until our neighbours had built before knowing the look and feel of my new area (and then discover I don’t like what it has become!);

– trusting that your neighbours have decent taste, and don’t design and build an architectural monstrosity!

I am surprisingly excited about our land purchase and impending house build. So, why the change of heart?

– The Sands (where we have purchased) whilst an estate, is really a golf resort… so attracts a different type of house/land buyer – you wouldn’t buy on a golf course if you didn’t like golf… would you?

– the architectural restrictions for building at the Sands are VERY detailed, and strictly governed to overcome that ‘neighboured surprise’ when all houses are built.

– We are buying one of the last blocks of land, so were able to see what the neighbourhood looks like, and have fallen in love with it.

What we loved about the Sands was having access to the Peppers Resort pool and gym … peak time at the pool is one person in each lane (I love it!)

Our block is overlooking the 6th green and 7th tee, giving us a feeling of space out the back of the block, with no houses behind us.

More importantly was the architecture – we loved the modern coastal theme of all the houses (thanks to the strict architectural regulations). Here’s a selection of our favourites:


Stay tuned for all the updates as we move through the building process… so far it has been slow and tedious, hopefully things will move a little faster in the coming months.


PS. Apologies for the months (rather than days) between posts, I am 4 months pregnant with my first, and have been struggling with the morning sickness and tiredness. My spare time has been spent sleeping (not writing blogs!).

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