Cake Decorating the (cheats) easy way…

Flourless Chocolate cake BEFORE


Mum turned seventy 2 weeks ago. The entire family was looking forward to pulling together close friends and family for a celebration…. Instead mum arranges for her and dad to go overseas for her birthday – foiling any arrangements we may have liked to have made on her behalf.

Mum avoids any fuss wherever possible, so I understand her motivation – but we were not going to let her board that plane without recognising the significant milestone.

When our aunt announced she was visiting from Canberra, mum  decided to call all her brothers (and their wives) together, along with our immediate family for a dinner.

My sister and I decided we would volunteer to arrange dessert – and turned it into a 70th birthday cake and a mini birthday celebration. The joke of the evening was that without knowing it mum ended up organising her own surprise 70th birthday celebration.

We ordered one of the famous Truffleduck flourless chocolate cakes. My husband and I were married at Truffleduck last year, and had their famous cake on the top of our cupcake stand – it was a truely amazing, melt in the mouth experience.

When ordering I was told that they don’t decorate cakes anymore (I found out when picking up the cake that they don’t really make one-off cakes anymore, but did it for us as a special favour!)… so I was left with a beautiful cake, and no decorations.

Over to Bernice ….

Mum is a wonderful gardener (as was her mother Nellie, and her Aunt Ivy), and has an admirable talent for growing orchids. My sister and I decided to decorate the cake with stricking, coloured orchids.

Having such a unique shape, and with the deep pink/burgundy contrasting the green/yellow, the orchids were the perfect finish for the dark chocolate ganache icing.

After placing the cake on a large white circular platter, I surrounded the base of the cake with individual flowers that I had broken off the main stem, making sure the flowers were all placed the same way.

I saved two of the stems that were covered with unopened buds to use as a feature garnish on the top of the cake. And placed aside four of the best flowers for this purpose as well.

Not only was the sneaky birthday celebration a surprise for mum, but the striking cake, covered in orchids looked amazing (if I do say so myself!).

Whilst this is an easy (and cost effective way) to decorate a cake, it certainly doesn’t limit the impact you can make for a special occasion. Orchids can stay in good shape for many hours out of water – so you can use them to decorate a cake hours before you plan to eat it.

Give it a try sometime.



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