Launching …Lot 271 – My new blog about our house build

I know… it’s been a while between blogs. However I am full of legitimate excuses….

– Christmas came and went;

– I am 8 months pregnant, really tired all the time and have chosen sleep over writing (sorry!);

– I only finished working last week; so now I am a lady of leisure for 1 month before baby arrives – Yay!;

– We have been finalising all the details for our new house we commence building next week (looking at, sometimes arguing over, and then finally agreeing on tiles, carpet, bench tops, door handles, basins, floorboards, house colours……endless decisions!)

– I have started a new blog about the above mentioned (and extremely exciting) house build in Torquay.

So this is it.. the official launch of Lot 271!

So what is Lot 271?

Lot 271 is our block of land, and the blog will document our house build on this block from start to finish. Allowing potential home builders (and any other interested parties, friends and family) to experience it with us, from beginning to end.

Live it with us, learn from our mistakes, or realise that it really isn’t that bad (fingers crossed) – if you go in with the right attitude (let’s hope we experience the latter!!).

We have no idea what the next year will be like – I guess you will find out as we do.

Keep visiting the blog to see things progress (there will be lots of photos), and heaps of advice as we learn a thing or two. If you are keen to following the building updates then sign-up to Lot 271 to get emails sent to you when I post.

Hopefully I can get you as excited as we are to watch this block of land transform into our dream home…

Now the admin side of setting up the new blog is complete, you should hear a little more from me (unless of course I am giving birth to my first child – which could happen any day now!).



2 responses to “Launching …Lot 271 – My new blog about our house build”

  1. …looks like an interesting journey…one we did ourselves (build a home)…and I’m an architect. I plan on telling our story soon too. I’ll have to check out your Lot 271 site.

    1. Please do come back and check it all out as it progresses – I hope your build went well?

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