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Move over Spielberg…Heidi Langler (a short film!)

My husband downloaded some amazing music to listen to during the birth, and one of the songs that really caught my attention was called Ocean Sky by Minusblue. When listening to it I got the creative urge to make a video about our impending baby – set to that song.

Whilst in hospital, and on our arrival at home I took a series of video footage with our digital camera. I then sat down the other night and taught myself how to use iMovie on our apple – I was in heaven. I had SO MUCH FUN doing this.

I needed to call on my husband for some guidance when I got stumped with the program (as I have said before I am not one to read instruction manuals, or watch tutorials… I prefer to learn through ‘playing’ with things), and he also suggested that I time the transition of images/video with the music (so look out for that little feature!).

Anyway – not much more to say – just watch it. There is room for improvement, but not bad for my first attempt.



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Belinda is a mum, wife and founder of a business. She has accumulated some enviable digital and social media experience. With more than 15 years digital marketing under her belt, working with some of Australia’s best known brands (,,, RACV, RACQ, NRMA).


  1. Kate and Jim

    Loved the film Heidi, Bin and Tim. Very proud, very happy and look forward to being with you soon.
    lots of love and kisses.
    Nan & Pop

    • Glad you enjoyed it – thought you would enjoy keeping up to date with little Heidi’s activities. Looking forward to seeing you soon. xx

  2. Scott Furey

    Love it Bin! Congratulations again, can wait to see Heidi in the flesh (but not any stinky pants).

  3. Amelia

    She is gorgeous! How the hell are you finding the time to do this? Superwoman!!

    • Heidi sleeps for 3-4 hours at a time, I am stuck at home after the C-section (no driving, no walking)… what else am I supposed to do with my time??

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