Baby Massage – what a treat (for Heidi!!)

One of the many gorgeous gifts I received at my baby shower was a gift voucher to take baby massage (a little birdy may have also sent some whispers around that we would love to do it!).
We had to wait until Heidi was 8 weeks old, so booked the session for last Saturday.

I have been a big believer in mediation before birth (for my benefit, and subsequently the babies), music in the months before and post birth… and baby massage (the power of touch). So I was really excited for us to do this class.

It was lovely being one-on-one, and in our own home. The lady who took the class (Maureen) is also a massage therapist and mid wife, so well trained in babies and massage.

Heidi loved every minute of it, and was so relaxed with all the techniques (some may say a little too relaxed… weeing twice during the session – without a nappy on!).

I would highly recommend it to anyone with a newborn.. I have already used the techniques this morning when Heidi was a bit grizzly before feeding – it worked a treat!



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