Twirling Betty takes the cake

My dear friend of more than 25 years, and fellow crafty person Twirling Betty was recently contacted by Master Chef magazine to feature her cake buntings. I am not surprised, because they are simply stunning! Now is the perfect time to  share with you the talents of Twirling Betty before she becomes famous and backed-up with orders for her cake buntings.

Twirling Betty is the mastermind behind these unique and ever-so-fun cake banners and buntings that will spruce up a cake for any occasion. If you want to know more, Betty talks about her cake buntings and preparing the photos for Master Chef magazine in more detail in her Twirling Betty blog. I know you are going to love what you see, so if you wish to own one of your own, or have Betty customise one for you, visit her shop on Etsy or Made It (within Australia)  to arrange all that.

Here are some of my favourites from Betty’s range:

To add that finishing touch to your cake for a lunch, dinner, BBQ, afternoon tea, baby shower or kitchen tea…

Perfect for christenings, graduations, bar mitzvah’s, engagements or weddings…

To personalise a cake for that special occasion (and person!) …

To mark the occasion (and can be used over and over!)

Not only does she do cake buntings, but bunting cards are one of her specialties too….

One of her signature items is the stylish fabric sun visor for adults and the little ones…

Twirling Betty is also the reason that I started this blog (which helps me to escape the monotony of nappy changing and feeding), she encouraged me to do so 18 months ago – and for that I thank her, and if you like reading this blog, so should you!



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