Socialising: Photo fun with Instagram

Do we really need another social media photo sharing site… It’s hard to keep up these days isn’t it? I’ve been having a lot of fun with Instagram (and Tumblr, wordpress, facebook, Pinterest, twitter, google+….). How do they all differ, and what’s the point of them all, I here you ask?

Well, this might help… I was sent a great image yesterday that explains beautifully how all these social media sites fit together, and can (believe it or not) compliment each other:

I’m not going to go into the details of what you can do with Instagram, or what it is… all I will say is it’s a smart, easy and convenient way to document your life with photos (if that’s what you like doing!!). My favourite feature is the ability to choose different ‘looks’ or ‘filters’ for your images.

Here’s a sample of the photos I’ve been sharing via Instagram… (if you want to find me search for heybernice)

Our home-grown sunflower, I found the seeds when I was unpacking after moving, we planted them along the back fence (only one grew!)

A reminder of one of the reasons I wanted to leave Melbourne, the daily train ride to work (I only have to do it once a week now!)

I love using it as a photo blog of Heidi’s life…

The good and the bad…

And to take photos of the best dog in the whole wide world…

Things that smell and taste great…

An evening walk on the golf course…

My favourite space in our house…

I’ve also recently set myself up on Tumblr… (it’s like a miniature blog – snapshots of everything) so look out for Hey Bernice there as well…

Happy socialising…




2 responses to “Socialising: Photo fun with Instagram”

  1. Great social media breakdown!

    1. Isn’t it Kurt! I wish I could give someone some credit for it – I was emailed the image yesterday and just had to share it!

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