Skip diving (again) for large letters

Just a quick one.

I have to share with you my latest acquisition. When shopping in Geelong (which is the closest big town to my seaside location) I spied a large skip (dumpster) on the side of the road. If you have read any of my previous posts you will know that I am no stranger to retrieving things from skips – this day was no exception!

Naturally there needs to be something worth rummaging for in the skip, I don’t just fossick without intent. Although it would be foolish to rule out intent-less fossicking completely – one day.

This skip had the remains of a shop fit-out in it (another victim of the retail slump), and sitting on top of all the wood, plasterboard and other debris were all the letters from the shop sign – BINGO!

So I parked the pram (where my chief helper was fast asleep – pictured in helping mode above) and proceeded to climb the side of the skip. To put things into perspective, the top of the skip was higher than me.

Yes, I did attract some attention from sidewalk diners not far from the scene. I allowed my internal voice to convince me that they were simply jealous that I saw the letters before they did, and continued on my way.

I scored a large ‘O’, and smaller ‘f’, ‘h’ and ‘a’.

I donated the ‘O’ and ‘f’ to Oliver and Flynn two of my chief helper’s buddies, kept the ‘h’ for my chief helper Heidi (which I will decorate down the track and share with you), and used the ‘a’ as a book-end…

I was a little upset later that day. It really concerns me that there was probably so much more in that skip that many people would have found useful, yet it was going straight to the tip… it’s got my mind ticking over.

Short post over and out!



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