I’ve been decorating again… I have an obsession with vinyl wall stickers

black vinyl sticker bicycle fixie

It’s time to spill the beans… I’m addicted to vinyl wall stickers!

There, it’s out.

Not that it’s been an easy obsession to hide… you try hiding a 1.5m x 1m black bicycle on your hallway wall, four green lace hearts, and a turquoise elephant – it’s challenging!

It all started with Heidi’s nursery. The red birdcages and birds…

red birdcage and birds vinyl wall sticker

It’s such a clean and simple way to add colour and decoration to a room. What’s more, when I get sick of it (which I can guarantee will happen!), I simply peel it off and find another one!

Naturally, with the arrival of Zoe I hunted down another appropriate wall sticker. This time a blue elephant… which Heidi calls an Eff-el-fe-cant, a much harder word to say than elephant.. go figure!

Turquoise blue elephant vinyl wall sticker

I then submitted a picture of Zoe’s room into a competition run by the Wall Sticker Company, where I bought ‘Sophie the Elephant’ above…

Turquoise blue elephant vinyl wall sticker nursery

And won! So they gave me a $200 voucher to spend on MORE vinyl wall stickers. All that did was feed my addiction. Not what I needed!

So of course I went shopping. I started looking at walls in our house in a new way. Asking myself “could I put a sticker there”, “would a big fish go there”, “will a surfboard look good down the end of the hall there”… it drove my husband nuts!

We had very different opinions about what to buy with my voucher. So I fixed that. Seeing as it was ‘MY’ voucher, I bought everything during the day while he was at work.

I got some green, lace hearts (which I’m SURE would have been his first pick too!!), to add to Zoe’s nursery. It was missing something, in my opinion:

Green lace doily hearts vinyl stickers nursery

And, then for Tim (well that’s what I told him) I got a black fixie (a bicycle). I had no idea what that was until the previous weekend when we watched a movie about bike couriers in NYC. It basically has no gears and no brakes… And I placed it on the wall in hallway to the guest and kids rooms…

black vinyl sticker bicycle fixie

It’s a real feature in the hallway, Heidi loves it.. and my favourite thing about is it’s different!

What I didn’t tell you was I also had four blue fish, purchased with my voucher… but I resisted. I thought I would do a Chanel… look in the mirror and take one thing off. That was my fish… I didn’t need them.

Very wise decision, I’m borderline overdoing it with Vinyl!

Go have some fun with vinyl… it’s very addictive.



2 responses to “I’ve been decorating again… I have an obsession with vinyl wall stickers”

  1. Where can i purchase that fixie bike wall sticker?!

    1. Howdy,

      Just head over to The Wall Sticker Company…. https://www.thewallstickercompany.com.au/products/fixy.html
      You can buy the fixy there!


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