Did you say palm frond Christmas tree?

Yes! They make for a unique centerpiece for your christmas celebrations…

The need to bring Palm fronds in my home was ignited by Billy Innes in 2005. She was an interior designer with her own shop in High Street Prahran, Victoria –Bliink Interiors.

I was very lucky to be invited to her home, and there I sighted an arrangement of palm fronds in a large basket in the corner – they were the feature of the room, and looked amazing and so different to the normal home decorations.

So the hunt began.

Whilst sitting in her home I started wondering how I could get my hands on some? And I wasn’t about to climb a palm tree for them!

As luck would have it Melbourne was struck by a violent storm the following week, and the 100km plus winds caused a huge amount of damage across the city. It also caused numerous palm fronds to drop from the palm trees around Albert Park Lake. As any sane woman would, I stuffed as many as I could into my small hatchback and took them home to fulfil my needs.

I did have to spray them quite generously with fly/spider/ant spray and leave them outside for a few days before they became the centrepiece in my lounge room, as they had in Billy’s.

I have since decided to use them as my Christmas tree each year, as you can see in the photo, they can be jazzed-up quite nicely.


Tell me what you think…

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