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Landscape photography – Use as Wallpaper (the computer kind!) or for canvas inspiration…

All around us are beautiful things – sometimes it takes a camera lense to isolate them – allowing you to truly admire the colours, form and sheer beauty of the natural world around us.

Often because we see the same things everyday we take them for granted. I started experimenting with landscape photography from a young age – especially when on holidays.

With the ease of digital imagery, these photos can easily be downloaded to make great wallpaper for your computer/laptop, or if you are feeling more adventurous you can collect some of your favourites and have them printed canvas to hang on your wall. Some of my favourite things to photograph:

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Did you say palm frond Christmas tree?

The need to bring Palm fronds in my home was ignited by Billy Innes in 2005. She was an interior designer with her own shop in High Street Prahran, Victoria -Bliink Interiors.

I was very lucky to be invited to her home, and there I sighted an arrangement of palm fronds in a large basket in the corner – they were the feature of the room, and looked amazing and so different to the normal home decorations.