Hey Bernice moving Sale… first in best dressed

I am up to my ears in boxes, packing paper and lots of Hey Bernice! creations that I don’t want to move (twice in a year). So I am hoping to send them to a new home – maybe yours?.

So here is how it works… first in best dressed. If you like it – email me (bernice@heybernice.com). The first person to email indicating which item they want to adopt will secure it for themselves … I am happy to post items to you (costs of doing so will be added to the sale price).

Item 1a + 1b: [SOLD]

1a) Three (3) small red dragons canvases – Sale Price $50 for three (35cm x 35cm)

1b) Antique wooden double bed frame (very dear to my heart!) – Sales Price $500 (includes 2 metal rails and 2 solid wood bed ends). I can take more photos if you like this and want to see more.

Hey Bernice – Acrylic on canvas (Small red Dragons)

Item 2: [SOLD]

2 Butterfly Canvases – Sale Price $60  for two (30cm x 30cm)

Item 3: [SOLD]

Up-cycled Kids wooden desk – Sale Price $100 (H 70cm, W 82cm, D 63cm)

Item 4: [SOLD]

3 wall discs – Sale Price $50 for three (30cm diameter)

Hey Bernice – Fabric patterned wall discs

Item 5: [SOLD]

4 Palm Fronds – Sale Price $20

Please help me find a new home for my beloved creations. We will be moving in 2 weeks, so if you’re interested in any items above please let me know ASAP, then I can avoid packing and moving them.


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