A new beginning

We have arrived in our new (temporary) home. Our refuge during the exciting time we are about to embark upon … building our new home.

It’s always a refreshing experience moving somewhere new – so many things to discover. You don’t live your life as a habit or routine, because there isn’t one established in this new town – I love that feeling.

We have made Geelong our temporary home whilst overseeing the building process in Torquay (15 minutes away).

A little about our new home:

Geelong is Victoria’s second largest city and offers a diverse range of food, wine, cultural and recreation attractions and colonial history.

A waterfront city, it is also the major gateway to the Bellarine Peninsula and Great Ocean Road. http://www.aboutaustralia.com


We have received the first cut of our plans – that’s when it hit us – we are building a house from scratch! So many (exciting) decisions to be made.

To follow the house build from beginning to end visit www.lot271.com


3 responses to “A new beginning”

  1. I lived in Melbourne for 50 years. Bribie island now (Qld). Geelong was/is one of my favourite places. Great boat launching at Limeburners,Nice bay (Corio) Great city, and even the Cats are a great team,. I also like Port Fairy, Warburton and Newhaven (Phillip island).

  2. can you tell me where you took the photo of the pier please

    1. The photo of the Pier was from the planetware.com website. I didn’t take the photo. It is a pier in Geelong.

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