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You must bag yourself one of these for summer…

I was getting ready to go to the beach with my daughter Heidi last weekend and was trying to find a bag in the house big enough to fit several buckets, spades, water bottles, hats, food, nappies, suncream etc. (you get the picture – a HEAP of stuff). I stopped and eyed off my pile of Ikea bags… But just couldn’t do it!

I then had a quiet moment to myself thinking about how useful a ‘cool looking’ Ikea bag would be!

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A new beginning

We have arrived in our new (temporary) home. Our refuge during the exciting time we are about to embark upon … building our new home.

It’s always a refreshing experience moving somewhere new – so many things to discover. You don’t live your life as a habit or routine, because there is one established in this new town – I love that feeling.

We have made Geelong our temporary home whilst overseeing the building process in Torquay (15 minutes away).