Scrapbook – a blog about something I love doing!

I was introduced to a new blog this morning, and must share it with you, Scrapbook

How did I stumble across this?

I was emailing our landscape designer (Derek from about my new blog, to tell him that I was about to write about the design he did for our new home, and he emailed back to tell me that he loved the idea of the blog, and that his wife had also started one ….


He and his wife, Melissah, live in Anglesea, Australia (not far from our new home in Torquay!). She is an interior designer. She has a background in fashion and loves everything to do with interior design, art, colour and fashion.

Scrapbook is a collection of ideas, people and images that inspire her. She believes that style and design go hand in hand. Her blog is influenced by design from all corners of the globe whether it’s fashion, graphics, interiors or food.

I went and had a look, and fell in love with it!

Her scrapbook of online images definitely inspired and excited me….and, I think you’ll enjoy them too…



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2 responses to “Scrapbook – a blog about something I love doing!”

  1. That was really a coincidence or luck.

    Good work.

  2. This blog information is so helpful for all mankind .it is a great article for that requirement.Thank you for submitted that blog.

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