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Welcome – Our little Heidi

She’s arrived … finally.

After several false starts… and almost 60 hours of contractions/labour we welcomed little Heidi Jenifer into the world in early March 2011.

She weighed 3.4kg (7.5 pounds), and was 54cm long. Although we started off with a natural birth, due to her heart rate dropping with each contraction, we ended up having a cesarean section, and luckily we did as she had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck 3 times, and all around her body!

Heidi means noble one & kind, and is of German origin. It was a name I always loved as a child, inspired by the classic tale of a young orphan girl in the Swiss Alps – Heidi:

She is a great feeder and sleeper (at this stage!), and is settling into home beautifully.

So here’s our little Heidi:

Enjoying a warm blanket wrap…

Proud Dad with his daughter…

Catching some Zzzzzzz ….

Great Gran nursing Heidi …

Final weigh-in before leaving hospital …

Heading home … (kept warm by the beautiful rug Gaynor made for her) …

Chillin’ out at home …

And here’s a ‘movie’ of her first week…

Thanks for all the well wishes, and gifts – this has been a very special time for us, and we are only too happy to share it with you all.

If you would like to see all the items I have been making to decorate Heidi’s nursery, you can view the posts below:

Chest of drawers

Robin red breast mobile

Butterfly frame

Old books for wall decor



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  1. chloe

    Bin and Tim,


    Heidi is gorgeous! you must be so proud.. we will have to meet on site oneday in the near future when the house is closer to completion!

    Will keep watching for updates and more photos,

    Best wishes and hope you are all doing well! I bet you are both over the moon!


  2. twirlingbetty

    Ahhh Bin, she is divine! Congratulations again to you and Tim. Got goosebumps looking at those pictures of your dear little girl…Enjoy this blissful time. We’re just thrilled for you. And give yourself a high five for 60 hours of labour. WOOHOO!

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