Sewing (more) things

In follow-up to my previous post Sewing Things… I have added a few more items to my list of things I have made. I can safely say I am getting back into the swing of sewing again after 20 years away from a machine.

I made this dress from a fabulous book my sister-in-law gave me for Christmas called Making Baby Clothes by Rob Merrett, there will be plenty more exhibits from this book to come… (Note: this dress has a touch of Bernice to it – I change patterns like I do recipes!!)

With our impending move to the beach I though it only fitting that Heidi have her own personalised beach towels…

I spiced up a white jumpsuit for Heidi…

And made some nappy coveralls for the Little Miss… (this pattern is also from the book mentioned above, except I added extra strips of material to jazz them up a bit)

Yes, I have been busy… I had a deadline, ’cause I had to pack up the sewing machine this weekend – we needed our dining table back to entertain guests (I can’t wait to have more space for Bernice to play in the new house!).



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