The Christmas Decoration Dilemma

Deciding on a Christmas decoration theme can be quite stressful…. the colour combinations, themes, shapes and patterns are endless. It is hard to know where to start.

Do you stay traditional? Introduce some different colours? Change your decorations to be a little more modern, hand made or something that represents your personality a little more?

We are hosting Christmas this year – 13 adults and 2 toddlers… so I have started thinking about the table setting, menu and decorations.

Seeing as we will be having a coastal Christmas in our new home, I was thinking we might theme the decorations accordingly… turquoise, silver, white?

If you are mulling over how to decorate your home or the tree this year, I have collected a selection of my favourite options below (I am also building a Christmas pin board on to help get the creative juices flowing – or perhaps some egg nog could have a similar effect – up to you!.




Traditional colours– Red & Green

Pictures from

Paper Star Garland, 6 Feet - Christmas, Holiday, Green, Red, White, Cute, Origami, Handmade, Unique, Festive, Simple, One of a Kind, Paper, Fun
Picture from LBCpaper @

Picture from
Modern colours – Purple, touquise, pink and silver etc
gift tag - red wren
Pictures from

Picture from
Modern style – introducing new shapes,  styles and mediums

Handmade Gift Tags, Set of Eight - Green, Christmas Trees, Holidays, Antique Paper, Vintage Paper, Text
Picture from LBCpaper @

Christmas bunting in two colour ways

Picture from
Picture from
Wood Mini Snowflake Ornament Set (15)
Picture from TimberGreenWoods @
White Christmas
– everything white, pure, and fresh
Edward and Lilly – Etsy

Picture from
Paper Ornaments, Set of Six - Holiday, Christmas, White, Flower
Picture from LBCpaper @
For more Christmas inspiration you can check out my Christmas pin board on Pinterest
Whatever you decide, try to enjoy the process. After all, decorating your tree and choosing your theme should be fun!
I will follow-up soon with some Great Christmas recipe ideas.
Good luck.



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