Christmas decorations sorted, here’s a sneak peek…

It was time to change my Christmas decorations, so I started a Pinterest Christmas board for inspiration. I then waited until we moved into our new house to get a feel for the place before I bought anything.

I think I have all I need for the new look this year, although it’s not on a tree, or decorating a table… Yet!

I am getting ahead of myself, but I thought I would give you a sneak peek anyway…  I am really happy with the combo, and love the fresh and cheery colours.

I have resurrected some decorations I bought 10 years ago in Nicaragua (Central America)…

I acquired some new items in my favourite coastal homeware shops in Barwon Heads Frith and Rigby’s …

I am using some decorations I bought from Mozi and Country Road (I changed the ribbon colour!) several years ago…

And HAD to buy these from trusty Spotlight, they were talking to me from the shelf. I tried to walk away but they wouldn’t let me!

I will intermingle all these above with some gorgeous light blue balls from Myer…

Stay tuned for the results of combining everything, and adding a Christmas tree!



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