An Award (times two!), I’m very honoured…

My blog is the perfect representation of my life… a yearning for variety, and the avoidance (at all costs) of a regimented schedule.

The result: one day I will be looting paddocks for discarded, rusty, wire fencing then stuffing wonton wrapper with chunks of dark chocolate (and documenting it all here along the way).

Surprisingly, if you met me in my professional work environment, I am quite the opposite…. focused, running from meeting to meeting, hitting deadlines – very regimented! It’s taken me a while, but I’ve finally realised I am the opposite at home in an attempt to keep some kind of sanity balance in my life.

I’ve always wondered what people think of my blog, why they read it, and do I make readers dizzy jumping from fondants to chair painting?

That’s why it was such a thrill to have been nominated not once, but twice by two very talented, fellow bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award… and a relief that at least two people out there enjoy my versatility, here’s what The Common Tarte wrote to accompany their nomination:

Hey Bernice: Awesome blogger, food, crafts, creations left right and center.  Sassy with class and wit, and some really fantastic ideas that I can’t wait to start trying.

Thanks L.J Simms from The Common Tarte… I obviously don’t make you dizzy with my blog topics.

The second nomination came from Mama Miyuki Easy Pansty (how I love that blog name, it makes me smile every time)

I do have some obligations as a recipient of this nomination (not quite as demanding as Miss Australia’s – but it’s all relative!), so here goes…


  1. You must state and link your Nominator(s). [done √ ]
  2. You must tell everyone 7 things about yourself.
  3. You must nominate 15 Blogs and let them know

7 things about me…

  1. This must be an omen, 7 just happens to be my lucky number (I loved the 7-times table when I was younger).
  2. I met my wonderful husband on an online dating site (before it was widely accepted to do so, thus making us so cutting-edge!)
  3. I don’t eat meat off the bone (lamb shanks, chops, chicken wings, drumsticks) or chicken thighs, only chicken breast… I know – that’s really weird isn’t it?
  4. When I was fifteen I co-authored a book with my father called ‘Your future success – a students guide to effective study’ it led to interviews on national live TV, and a multitude of radio stations.

    If only I still looked that young a sprightly!
  5. I absolutely adore my dog Jack, and sometimes think we have met in a previous life… making him almost human.
  6. I played State level waterpolo in my teens.
  7. I absolutely LOVE bacon, but it must be crispy… none of that uncooked fat around the edges… Oh, and chorizo too.

Now for my nominations…

1. Today’s Nest
I love this blog about ‘Modern life, home, food, art and design’… especially the new videos they have been doing… LOVED the cheeky Truffle making video. And the guide to Spring cleaning was great.

2. Colour me happy
A very recent discovery. Loved The 31 Days of March feature… taking photos of numbers for each day of March… The imagery in the blog is beautifully captured, and displayed under different topics.

3. Twirling Betty
My dear childhood friend, and the inspiration behind starting Hey Bernice! Twirling Betty will make you smile with her stories and observations (used to described her latest crafty exploit, cooking experiment, or family) – something that makes you smile is very addictive! (That’s why I love my husband so much)

4. Tinkerlab
Ever since I can remember I have been making and creating things… I can’t imagine what my life would have been like if I have discovered this site as a child…. Heaven comes to mind. So many ideas for kids activities, so little time. I love the marble run made with paper rolls.

5. Seventy Tree
There is something magical about the way Seventy Tree captures the everyday with her camera. We are blessed (through her blog) to see life through her eyes… there is beauty in everything around us, we juts need to be reminded.

6. Poppytalk
A Canadian design blog that inspires me with every post. I love that there might be a recipe one day, a DYI project the next, a collection of photos around a theme the next.

7. Bright Bazaar
I stumbled across this blog via Pinterest. Being the visual person that I am I was lured in by all the bright colours in the images pinned – I’m trying to bring  more colour into my life now I live by the coast, and this blog inspires me to do so.

I am going to give you the remaining eight blogs in a part II of this post… I really want to think about this properly. This post has already taken me over a month to complete – I know… I’m getting very slack these days!! My chief helper and I have been struck-down with gastro this week… so I figured better a half-done post than none at all!



3 responses to “An Award (times two!), I’m very honoured…”

  1. Hello! Big congrats to you for your wonderful blog being nominated for two awards – very well deserved. Thank you so much for nominating my blog and for your lovely comments. Jess

    1. My Pleasure, I love that your blog is so unique… and you follow your passion with everything you capture (whatever it may be at the time!).

  2. ps – I am looking forward to having a look at each of the blogs you have listed – your descriptions are great!

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