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An Award (times two!), I’m very honoured…

My blog is the perfect representation of my life… a yearning for variety, and the avoidance (at all costs) of a regimented schedule.

The result: one day I will be looting paddocks for discarded, rusty, wire fencing then stuffing wonton wrapper with chunks of dark chocolate (and documenting it all here along the way).

Surprisingly, if you met me in my professional work environment, I am quite the opposite…. focused, running from meeting to meeting, hitting deadlines – very regimented! It’s taken me a while, but I’ve finally realised I am the opposite at home in an attempt to keep some kind of sanity balance in my life.

I’ve always wondered what people think of my blog, why they read it, and do I make readers dizzy jumping from fondants to chair painting?

That’s why it was such a thrill to have been nominated not once, but twice by two very talented, fellow bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award… and a relief that at least two people out there enjoy my versatility, here’s what The Common Tarte wrote to accompany their nomination: