You must bag yourself one of these for summer…

Do you ever feel like someone has read your mind?
I was blown away by an email this morning that had me thinking someone had read mine – I had to share my shock and excitement with you!
Here’s a little scene-setting …
I was getting ready to go to the beach with my daughter Heidi last weekend and was trying to find a bag in the house big enough to fit several buckets, spades, water bottles, hats, food, nappies, suncream etc. (you get the picture – a HEAP of stuff). I stopped and eyed off my pile of Ikea bags… But just couldn’t do it!
I then had a quiet moment to myself thinking about how useful a ‘cool looking’ Ikea bag would be!
Back to the present.
I receive an email from a friend this morning that read….

Hi All,

A friend of mine has launched this new bag which I guess could be referred to as the fashion-acceptable Ikea bag that we all know and love. Check out the website it will tell you how many uses there are for it and its only $20 inc delivery….perfect time to launch a new online product so we can all avoid the shops at xmas.

So Project Ten have gone into my head, and created a bag I was thinking about last weekend – Amazing!

Check out the four super designs below…

They even have an internal zip-pocket for the important stuff.

So I went on to the site immediately and bought four of them!

Can’t wait ’til the package arrives in the post…







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