Upcycled liberty print apron for my little helper….

Liberty print fabric You’ve probably cottoned-on by now that I hate to throw things out. When my Gran sadly passed away in August this year, I struggled to put her beautiful liberty print shirts and dresses into a garbage bag destined for the opportunity shop.

Gran was extremely fond of Heidi (my chief helper), and had said to me before she passed that she wished she could take Heidi with her, because she was going to miss her dearly.

I was clear to me that I had to make something from Gran’s Liberty garments that would mean she could be with Heidi in Spirit if not in person.

It’s taken me a few months to willingly pull out the garments and chop them up to produce the pieces of material I needed. Once I had done that, I was lacking inspiration around what to make with it.

In the time I pondering my ideas Heidi (who is now 21 months old) was showing a very keen interest in cooking… which translates to stirring the ingredients, pressing the buttons on the food processor, holding the measuring cups for me… and tasting the mixture with a (very deep and enthusiastic) plunge of her finger, when I would turn my back! Despite her limited involvement in the cooking process, she still managed to get filthy!

An Apron….. that was the obvious use for Gran’s liberty prints.

I didn’t have a pattern, so I took to Pinterest to gather some inspiration on styles, shapes, tying options…
You can view my ‘Kids’ Pinterest board here.

kids apron

Kids apron

And then set about making something simple for my little Heidi….

Making a kids apron

Because the liberty fabric is so fine/thin, I lined the back of the skirt and chest piece with some white fabric (recycled cotton sheets actually!).

I made a tube of material for the waist tie, and neck strap.
Heidi is going to grow so quickly, which is why I decided to use a button and adjustable neck strap (allowing for more button holes to be added over time – if needed!).

I had even kept the liberty covered buttons from Gran’s shirts, so I put them to good use too.
Here’s the finished product…

Kid's liberty fabric apron

Kid's liberty print apron

Kid's liberty fabric apron

I will be combining this new apron with a set of miniature cooking utensils for my budding chef’s Christmas present in a few weeks time..

If only Gran could see my little helper putting her beautiful liberty prints to good use.

With the new baby due in about 6 weeks time there will be lots of posts coming your way about my nursery decorating exploits, and out-of-control nesting urges!! In the week before I had Heidi I went on a cooking frenzy – so look out!



3 responses to “Upcycled liberty print apron for my little helper….”

  1. Gorgeous my love. I’m sure your Gran is delighted to be nestled close to Heidi as she cooks up a storm with her mamma.

    1. Thanks. It took me so long to decide what to do with the fabric… I’m thrilled with the result, and know Gran would be too!

  2. […] Gran would be so proud to see her Liberty print shirts featured like this. If you want to read the blog post where they discovered my DIY upcycling kids apron you will find it HERE. […]

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