My favourite online Christmas present shopping options..

Joco reusuable glass cups christmas coffee tea

I’m going to keep this short and to-the-point… I’m in LOVE with all of the sites and products, and think that you should be too this Christmas!

Think yourself lucky that I’m willing to share my little secrets with you.

What’s more, these amazingly awesome online shopping options are either local to my region (Geelong & Torquay) or Melbourne. I’ll be giving these presents this Christmas. If you want to as well simply place your order right now online, and have it arrive on your doorstep – could it get any easier?

1. Joco Cups

From AU$ 22.95 (plus postage). They can ship from within America too now…

Joco reusable glass coffee cup Christmas tea juice

Brilliant colours, they’re glass and they come in 8oz and 12oz sizes. You can use them for your take away tea or coffee (or even juice!)… or remove the lids and use them in the home.

Joco reusuable glass cups christmas coffee tea

They also sell accessories and carry trays…

Joco cup accessories lid carry tray

2. Project Ten Bags 

The Oversize Tote. AU$19.95 (plus postage).

Project Ten colourful bags turquoise orange pattern


Project Ten bag green blue pattern gift christmas

Need a HUGE bag to cart everything for your family to the beach, on holiday, to your friends of family for the afternoon… look no further. This bag was my saviour when I realised going to the beach with kids required A-LOT of stuff to go along with you.

Their new insulated shopping bag is great too at $24.95 (plus postage)…

Project Ten colourful bags green blue shopping insulated

And the smaller Totes from AU$16.95…

Project Ten Bags tote stripe red white light blue

And the new satchel size, perfect as a nappy bag, suncream/hat holder, document carrier…. endless uses! We actually use these for our #ContentKin workshops to hold all our notebooks!

Project Ten Bag Bags Satchel black and White chevron

Both these present are ideal for secret Santa (or Kris Kringle… whatever you wish to call it).

And, they are perfect for that person that has everything – male or female.

In fact I keep some in my present drawer (yes, I am becoming more and more like my mum every day!) in case I’m caught off guard for a birthday, or thank-you gift.

3. Lodie – The Pop Up Shop for your Pocket

Lodie pop up shop buy online app retail designers homewaresLodie pop up shop buy online app retail designers homewares 

I had the pleasure of spending the day with Gab (one of the founders of Lodie) earlier in the year. What a wonderful and inspiring chick she is!

She has created an amazing concept via an App only. She curates designers, makers and amazing products via pop up shops you can peruse and purchase from via the Lodie App.

Right now you will find all these stores on the app:

Keep it Kool (Stylish Stubby Holders),
Ernest and Joe Jewellery,
Rhicreative (Cards Prints and Calendars),
Paper Elephant (Stationary, Cards and Diaries),
Tinker (Textiles Boutique),
OrbitKey (Accessories)
Martha Jean (Jewellery + Accessories)
Squeak (Homewares & Accessories)
Mi Goals (Stationary)
Jacqueline Evans (Skin Care)
Cushionopoly (Homewares)
Constance Roe (Accessories)
Colour & Skulls (Prints/ Art)
White November (Jewellery)

It’s a very dangerous app, be warned I’ve just bought four items from the app while I was compiling the list above!

Happy shopping…



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