Landscape photography – Use as Wallpaper (the computer kind!) or for canvas inspiration…

All around us are beautiful things – sometimes it takes a camera lense to isolate them – allowing you to truly admire the colours, form and sheer beauty of the natural world around us.

Often because we see the same things everyday we take them for granted. I started experimenting with landscape photography from a young age  – especially when on holidays.

With the ease of digital imagery, these photos can easily be downloaded to make great wallpaper for your computer/laptop, or if you are feeling more adventurous you can collect some of your favourites and have them printed canvas to hang on your wall. Some of my favourite things to photograph:

  • Waves breaking
  • Patterns in sand
  • Animal footprints in sand
  • Reflections on water
  • Rainbows
  • The sun (setting, peaking out from behind clouds, rising)
  • Plants (especially tropical plants – the colours and shapes are amazing)

Finding the right light, and trying to get a photo of a landscape without people in it is testing – it is worth the wait though!

I must make mention of the fact that I am contradicting the golden rule of taking photos that I distinctly remember mum teaching me when I was given my first camera as a teenager – ” Make sure you always take photos with people in them – it makes them more interesting to look at later on” (sorry Mum!). I think she quickly put that rule in place when I returned home from school camp with an entire roll of film wasted capturing the resident camp dog (no – that’s not a nickname for anyone on camp!) and the horses in various positions and poses – not one photo of any of my school friends and the great adventures we got up to!

Below are some of my favourites from traveling around Australia: A road trip from Noosa to Cape Tribulation (QLD), A road Trip from Perth to Broome (WA),  Port Campbell (VIC) and North East Tasmania.

Looking at these photos makes you realise how diverse and photogenic the Australian landscape can be – and how amazingly beautiful everything is that surrounds us.

Make sure you try out some landscape photos next time you head out-of-town – you might surprise yourself. Then when you get back set them up as wallpaper on your computer, so when you are hard at work you will be reminded of the beautiful places you have been. Or as a I mentioned above, take your favourites to a photo lab and get them printed on to canvas – then will have an original artwork for your wall, of which you were the artist!



PS. I have a habit of changing the wallpaper on the computer without telling my husband. My latest update (at the bottom of this post) was not landscape focussed, but was sure to provide a laugh – especially as our dog Jack’s tongue looks very like …. well, something else!

Timing is everything with photography!!!! (I guess you could say this was one of my ‘bloopers’ when taking a photo of Jack in the bath for my previous post!)

One response to “Landscape photography – Use as Wallpaper (the computer kind!) or for canvas inspiration…”

  1. Thanks for posting these pics! They’re beautiful. Have you heard of Australian photographer Peter Lik? He is famous for taking incredible landscapes. Check him out:

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