Log-on … Butternut Snap log vs. Chocolate Ripple cake!

Chocolate ripple cake recipe cream Christmas

Chocolate ripple cake is making a come-back – has anyone else noticed this?

It featured as the birthday cake at a recent BBQ I attended (and everyone spent a good 30 minutes reminiscing about the past, and when they last enjoyed a piece). It was also one of the featured recipes on a TV commercial over Christmas. In our household (for as long as I can remember) it has been one of the main desserts on Christmas day (in addition to the Christmas pud).

Dad (of all people) has driven the chocolate ripple comeback within our family. I’m convinced his motivation is purely personal – he just craves the indulgent combination of alcohol, cream, chocolate biscuits, chocolate and more cream LOVES it.  I have never heard anyone complaining about its addition to the Christmas menu, and judging by how little remains at the end of the day, I don’t think they ever will.

Those not familiar with a chocolate ripple cake I have provided this link to the Arnott’s website (who make the chocolate ripple biscuits used) where you can find the recipe, and this photo. Warning, you will not find this recipe in the Weight Watchers cookbook (well, probably in the desserts to avoid section!)

Dad has added his own twist to his chocolate ripple – he makes a dome, rather than the traditional ‘log’. It looks a little more like this version from www.cakesforcorporates.com.au, except dad adds rather spectacular shards of white and dark chocolate (like large pieces of broken glass) sticking out of the dome (he presses the shards into the dome so they stand up), then drizzles it with melted chocolate (just incase it was chocolatey enough!). To make a dome you take a large bowl, and cover the inside with Glad Wrap. Then spread whipped cream generously across the glad wrap to cover the inside of the bowl. Then layer the chocolate ripple biscuits in the bowl, adding layers of cream between each layer of biscuit (to make sure the biscuits end up soft). After refrigerating you can then turn out the bowl on to a plate, and peel off the Glad Wrap to have a smooth cream finish to decorated as you please.

With Dad’s Chocolate ripple a regular Christmas feature, mum decided to take it to the next level in the middle of last year (did I mention there is a little bit of kitchen rivalry in at my parents house!!). She served up another version of the log-cake… made with Butternut snaps. And, it was amazing. So  have dedicated this post to the recipe:

Butternut Snap and Apricot Log

1 pkt chopped dried apricots 1/2 cup sugar
1 pkt Butternut Snap biscuits
1 tbs brandy
300mls cream, whipped
toasted flaked almonds to garnish
Extra cream and sugar

Soak apricots in 1 cup of warm water for 2 hours. Add sugar and gently simmer for 30 minutes until a jam like consistency. An alternative to making an apricot jam you can buy a good quality apricot jam instead. Take a biscuit and spread with some apricot jam and cream, then repeat – sticking each biscuit to the previous one then standing them on their side to form a log. Cover and chill overnight (this is to allow the biscuits to soak up the moisture from the cream and apricot jam to become soft). Whip extra cream and brandy with sugar. Cover the top and sides of the log. Chop the toasted almonds and scatter over the top of the log. Chill at least 2 hours until ready to cut. To get the best impact when serving cut the log on an angle so you can see the biscuit layers.

The book mum got this from called it ‘Dried Apricot Refrigerated Log Cake‘ and it came from a recipe book called ‘A Fare to Remember – a Must have treasury of menus from women who know’ . This recipe book was compiled by the Whoorel Auxiliary, a group of 28 women – friends from  the country towns of Colac, Birregurra, Barwon Downs, Whoorel and Deans Marsh in Victoria’s Western District. The cookbook, now in its second edition, was so popular that one of the auxiliary members had her first edition stolen from her bag whilst shopping in Toorak! For the past 30 years the auxiliary (and cook book) has raised valuable funds to support Vision Australia’s work in both Geelong and Warrnambool. (The cookbook costs $20, not including postage, and all funds support Vision Australia. To order call 1300 559 987). I have a copy of this cookbook (thanks mum!), it is definitely worth buying, there are some wonderful recipes in there, and you will be supporting a good cause.

Let’s bring the log-cake back … log-on!




2 responses to “Log-on … Butternut Snap log vs. Chocolate Ripple cake!”

  1. Hello

    Exactly what I was looking for – needed a new idea for this Christmas as it will be differnt for us. Thanks for sharing, am bookmarking so I can find it and practice before the “big week”.


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