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Punch (and Judy!)…

I can’t drink alcohol this Christmas and New Years Eve (being Pregnant)… in fact, I can’t drink much at all. My list of approved beverages has diminished somewhat, to water and soda water, since being diagnosed with gestational Diabetes – temporary diabetes whilst pregnant

Chocolate ripple cake recipe cream Christmas
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Log-on … Butternut Snap log vs. Chocolate Ripple cake!

Chocolate ripple cake is making a come-back – has anyone else noticed this?

It featured as the birthday cake at a recent BBQ I attended (and everyone spent a good 30 minutes reminiscing about the past, and when they last enjoyed a piece). It was also one of the featured recipes on a TV commercial over Christmas. In our household (for as long as I can remember) it has been one of the main desserts on Christmas day (in addition to the Christmas pud).