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Heidi’s first four months have flown by …

Our little Heidi is four months old today… the time has just flown by (maybe because I have spent every spare minute watching our house get built and writing blogs!!!). I was scanning through some of the photos I have taken in those months, and have to admit I didn’t think the photos from the first few weeks were our baby – I didn’t recognise her. I won’t write about what every parent realises when looking back at photos of their newborn… because one day little Heidi will be reading this – she will have the chance to discover this for herself when she grows up and has her own kids.
Anyhow… here are the results of my diligent filing, in chronological order… Heidi’s first 4 months (don’t panic – it’s only as long as the song… and it is not every photos ever taken!!). I must give credit to my sister who introduced me to the song I used (Secret Heart by Feist) – I fell in love wit the song the first time I heard it, she included it in the wedding music mix she created for our big day two years ago and is simply perfect for this movie.

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The perfect gift

t would be an understatement to say I indulged in some chocolate over Easter.
After all, I had some catching up to do! The last festive season (Christmas) I had gestational diabetes, so was deprived of anything naughty (from white bread and soft drinks … to biscuits, cake and of course chocolate).
This Easter I found myself indulging in midnight chocolate feasts after Heidi’s night feeds (her sleeping through the night trick was thrown from the previous week that saw my husband rushed to hospital to have his appendix removed, luckily she’s back to sleeping through again – yay!).
My chocolate of choice is the Lindt Bunny (milk or dark – I will eat anything I’m not fussy!). I would start by “just taking the ears off” the bunny before going to bed (don’t you just LOVE how the ears are solid? And the sound it makes when your teeth break through the think chocolate?). Only to find the bunny calling my name after the 2am baby feed (so I would eat down past the head). To then convince myself after an early morning feed that I “better just tidy up the edges” on that bunny. That is really my own personal code for – finish it off!
You know you have had a real feeding frenzy (taking it to a level you never should let yourself get to) when you find crumbs of melted chocolate inside your PJ’s the next morning!