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Chilli con carne – perfected over many years…

My Husband’s signature dish is chilli con carne – it is amazing. And so it should be after 3 years of merging recipes and perfecting the combination of spices. It is the perfect dish for a cold winter night (or lunchtime!). I love it because of all the vegetables included – while Tim is eating what seems to him like a carnivores delight, he is actually getting a good balanced meal!

He has asked I explain that whilst there is a recipe to follow, it is really a bit of this and a bit of that … and then add a little bit more of anything if you think it needs it.

One of the key ingredients is dark chocolate, it provides the richness of flavour. I particularly like the addition of this ingredient, because there is about 3/4 of the block remaining to be consumed with the remaining red wine after cooking!