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A post for ginger nuts…

This post is dedicated to ginger nuts. When I say that I mean people who love ginger!

I never thought I would be able to stomach ginger again after consuming packets of crystallised ginger during the first 3 months of pregnancy (to settle the morning sickness). Six months down the track and I saw this recipe for ginger nut biscuits, and had an overwhelming urge to make them (along with so many other exotic recipes – the maternal nesting has really kicked it!).

This recipe was in the woman’s Day magazine, however I changed it slightly to make them a little more gingery (after tasting the raw mixture I didn’t think they deserved to be called ginger nuts – so got a little heavy handed with the ground ginger!). I shared these with 3 people on the weekend, and all of them wanted the recipe – so I guess you could say they were a hit.

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A ripper banana bread (thanks mum!)

here have been several requests come my way for a good banana bread recipe. Whilst I have tried a few recipes, I wouldn’t have called them ‘good’, and certainly wouldn’t recommend them. So I responded to the requests with ‘leave it with me’, which left me with the potentially difficult and time-consuming task of finding a good recipe. This can prove tricky unless I start every conversation with ‘Hey, do you have a good banana bread recipe?’.