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Mastering desserts – cheats chocolate fondant

Cheats chocolate fondant was my first attempt to master desserts in 2012 (as I proudly announced to be my New Years resolution a few moths ago)…

I would hardly label this attempt as mastering. As the recipe title suggests [cheats], if you get it wrong it will still come out right!

Brilliant. I needed something that would boost my confidence, easing me into this accuracy challenge. To put the pressure of this challenge into perspective, here’s a saying my mum would recite to me when I was younger (and she still does occasionally now)….

“scratch-patch, rub-a-dub, near enough, good enough Bernice”

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The perfect gift

t would be an understatement to say I indulged in some chocolate over Easter.
After all, I had some catching up to do! The last festive season (Christmas) I had gestational diabetes, so was deprived of anything naughty (from white bread and soft drinks … to biscuits, cake and of course chocolate).
This Easter I found myself indulging in midnight chocolate feasts after Heidi’s night feeds (her sleeping through the night trick was thrown from the previous week that saw my husband rushed to hospital to have his appendix removed, luckily she’s back to sleeping through again – yay!).
My chocolate of choice is the Lindt Bunny (milk or dark – I will eat anything I’m not fussy!). I would start by “just taking the ears off” the bunny before going to bed (don’t you just LOVE how the ears are solid? And the sound it makes when your teeth break through the think chocolate?). Only to find the bunny calling my name after the 2am baby feed (so I would eat down past the head). To then convince myself after an early morning feed that I “better just tidy up the edges” on that bunny. That is really my own personal code for – finish it off!
You know you have had a real feeding frenzy (taking it to a level you never should let yourself get to) when you find crumbs of melted chocolate inside your PJ’s the next morning!

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Cake Decorating the (cheats) easy way…

Mum turned seventy 2 weeks ago. The entire family was looking forward to pulling together close friends and family for a celebration…. Instead mum arranges for her and dad to go overseas for her birthday – foiling any arrangements we may have liked to have made on her behalf.

Mum avoids any fuss wherever possible, so I understand her motivation – but we were not going to let her board that plane without recognising the significant milestone.